The healing power of essential oils

Unlocking the healing power of essential oils 

Essential oils are known for their healing properties and can be used to improve health and wellbeing. There are hundreds of essential oils out there but how exactly can we unlock the true healing power of essential oils? This blog explores how the healing power of essential oils can be unlocked.

What gives essential oils their healing properties?

We know that essential oils are responsible for the aroma of plants. They also contain hundreds of powerful compounds with many facets. These range from having a positive effect on the mind, helping to uplift your mood to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Years of research does show that these plant chemicals are potent, helping to reduce disease, viruses, bacteria and fungus.

These chemical constituents are known as chemotypes and they indicate which components of an essential oil are dominant. This information gives the specific healing properties of the oil and informs how each essential oil can aid the body.  The chemotypes of an essential oil in the same family, genus and species will vary according to different growing conditions. For example Rosemary essential oil (Rosamarinus officinalis) can have chemotypes of camphor, cineole and verbenone. All of which have different properties and suitable for different purposes. It is these chemotypes that determine the healing power of the essential oils and knowing which chemotypes are prominent in an essential oil is vital to ensure that it is fit for purpose. This information is not always shared by suppliers of essential oils and can be found in technical reports following the abbreviation ct. (chemotype) Always ensure that the supplier of your essential oils is a reputable and is able to share this information with you if required.

Unlocking the full healing power of oils.

An essential oil blend is a mixture of oils with a suitable carrier and when created effectively the combination of oils is described as synergistic. This is when all of the essential oils work in synergy with each other creating a powerful compound unique to each component of the oil. The blend increases the potency of each essential oil. For example, the anti inflammatory properties of peppermint can be enhanced by the addition of lavender in the correct concentration. This interaction of the oils between each other becomes unique and dynamic and is something that cannot be achieved by using individual essential oils. This synergy between oils makes the oil more powerful with stronger healing properties.

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