The difference between cold pressed, unrefined and refined oils.

Cold pressed, unrefined and refined oils – So what is the difference?

Cold Pressed, Refined or Unrefined?

Carrier oils can be defined as cold pressed, refined or unrefined oils. You might have heard these terms before but what exactly do they mean and what types of oils should we be looking out for?

A refined oil is produced using high temperatures and has undergone a number of processes which may include bleaching, removal of its original aroma and may even include the additional of chemicals. This process removes some of the original properties of the oil and strips some of the oil of its natural nutrients. A golden rule is if your oil does not taste or smell like the original plant source the chances are it has been highly refined!

Unrefined oils on the other hand are processed with a mechanical press without heat or chemicals. Oils are ‘squeezed’ out of the plant component (seed or nut) using mechanical extraction. Cold pressed oils are mechanically extracted with minimal heat. Low temperatures are used to extract the oil from the component of the plant and help the oil to retain its nutrients, aroma and original colour. Cold pressed or unrefined oils can be described as virgin or extra virgin oils. 

Unrefined oils, cold pressed and virgin/extra virgin oils are high quality and nutrient rich. These are the best quality oils and when choosing products it is a good idea to look out for these details on product labels to give you some idea of the extent of processing used to extract the oil. The more refined or processed, the less quality of the carrier oil. I would advise looking for unrefined or cold pressed oils to ensure that your product is as pure as possible and high quality.

All Devaiya Products are made with cold pressed and unrefined carrier oils to ensure that all products are nutrient rich and high quality. An added bonus is that some products contain more than one carrier oil to improve the synergy of the product.

Take a look at Devaiya's Radiance facial oil made with cold pressed jojoba oil and sweet almond. Both of these carrier oils are nutrient rich and high quality each serving a different purpose. Jojoba oil mimics the natural sebum of the skin and ensures that this product is non greasy, feels as natural as possible and adds a healthy glow to the skin. Organic Sweet almond oil is effective for blemishes, reducing dark circles and adding moisture to dry skin or combination skin. The product is enhanced with it a super blend of face loving essential oils.