Devaiya Oils was founded by Ruby Sagu in 2015. It all started when Ruby had a car accident and suffered a serious whiplash injury. She was reluctant to take medication for her injury and sought a natural alternative for treating her whiplash. It was at this point Ruby discovered the power of essential oils, after thorough research and study she created her first blend, Aches Away.

Aches Away was homemade, 100% natural and relieved Ruby of her whiplash pain. It was only when Ruby shared this with other people, that she realised the true potential of her first oil blend.

Ruby continued her work with essential oils and was approached by a number of people about creating further products. These were created, trialled and then tested to become official Devaiya products. It was at this point that Devaiya Oils was born. ‘Devaiya’ meaning medicine in Punjabi.

Devaiya is pronounced Dev - Eye - Ya.

Devaiya Oil products soon gained popularity through word of mouth and through this Ruby learned more about the benefits of her products and the versatility of different oils. Customer feedback has been paramount to the journey of Devaiya.

In 2016 Devaiya Oils became a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) and recognised as a responsible manufacturer of aromatherapy products.

Over the last few years, Devaiya Oils have taken part in dozens of wellbeing fairs and Devaiya products continue to help many, many people.

They have been featured in Vogue, national newspapers and several John Lewis pop up shops. Ruby continues to work closely with her own customers who are at the heart of this brand. She also works closely with therapists and new retailers to continue promoting the healing power of oils.

2021 sees Devaiya Oils evolving even further with an exciting organic wellbeing and beauty range which is recyclable and plastic free where possible.

Devaiya's purpose is to enhance wellbeing.