Only a week ago I bought Nourish cream. I sent a photo of my dry hands and asked for suggestions. The cream is doing wonders. It is absolutely brilliant product. Even the dryness has decreased completely. I am washing my hands lot more so can understand it taking longer but to me this is God send. Thank you so much for recommendations and super fast delivery. Very highly recommend Nourish cream.

Charul Bakda, London

A friend gifted me with a tub of Nourish skin softening cream. I have been using it everyday for 3 weeks on my hands. This product is so addictive to use because I love the lemongrass and lavender aroma.

I have had issues with dry hands for a couples of years now and have struggled to find a hand cream that could resolve this issue. However since using this cream, I have had no issues at all. My hands are so soft now!

I have got my sister and mum hooked on this product too! I can't wait to try more Devaiya products!!

Sami Lovett, Leeds

Recently I have been using the Nourish Cream and it has definitely improved the condition of my dry skin. I do use this as an all over moisturiser as needed and I will definitely be purchasing again.

Erica Newby, Leeds

I had been suffering with dry skin especially on my hands and arms, This is a miracle cream that has a mix of essential oils mixed in a cream. When I first used it I found the chapped raw bits of skin had instantly soothed and began to calm down. It has helped on my elbows and knees and has brightened and softened my skin. It really does go a long way and is certainly a brilliant product to try. I recommend Devaiya Oils, the ladies especially Ruby are very helpful and kind. Thank you Ruby was great to have met you!

Violet Wiglet, Haworth

Tried the Nourish Cream and it has completely transformed my dry skin. Great product!!

Shahrazad Ghazad, Leeds

What beautiful products! I am in love with the Nourish Cream - in fact everyone in my family is. There's a pot in the kitchen and I see my husband and recently my mother in law, taking a sneaky bit when they think I'm not looking. Incredible scent.

Liley Harvey, York