I purchased a bottle of Aches Away oil at the end of last year to use pre and post running.

It seriously works a treat for me by helping to warm my muscles and quieten down niggles/aches. As a result I’m able to run long distances in comfort around the areas that previously caused me bother.

Previously, I’d use things like deep heat or ibuprofen gel to manage the problem - but I personally like the oil over these as it’s far better for my skin/body and smells far better.

I’m so grateful to have found a worthy alternative

Ursula Wood, Bradford

Thank for your amazing products. After trying Aches Away on my shoulders this morning, I tried it on my wrists and I had the same wonderful relief of pain  It was such a delight to meet you in Skipton yesterday. xxx

Claire Greenwood, Skipton

Brilliant oil!! Does the job when in a lot of pain! Highly recommended. 5*

Owais Sayed, Bradford

I had been suffering with lower back pain for a few days when I met Ruby and she advised me to try one of the oils for aches and pains. After administering the oil for a couple of days I found that the pains had greatly subsided. The beautiful oil was so soothing to apply and non sticky along with it soaked straight into the muscles. I would recommend this Devaiya Oil to anyone who is suffering with pain in their back. Thank you xxx

Catherine Richie, Yorkshire

I used Aches Away Oil for a few days due to back pain. I have to say it was amazing, after applying it twice a day, I was able to get up and about without any pain and carry on with my day as normal. Best of all I didn't have to take any pain killers as I am not a fan of taking tablets!!

Thank you so much and I'm really glad I met you and also glad I've managed to pass on your details to others, whom you have also been able to help.

Thanks again x

Neelam Grewal, Leeds

After a friend recommended this and talking to Ruby I purchased Aches Away Oil for my husband who had been hit by a breakdown truck nearly 7 years ago.

Upon the first use his pain was eased and this has continued with every subsequent use. It doesn’t take the pain completely away but reduces it to a tolerable level.  He would describe every day as a bad day but now he has some comfort due to this oil. Thank you!

Alexandra Larue, London

I have been using Devaiya Aches Away for less than a week, and I can honestly say that the improvement in my painful toe joint is amazing. I can walk round all day and never even think about it, whereas before it was causing me a great deal of pain.

Carol Hilton, UK