What exactly are essential oils and how can you use them?

Essential oils are the latest trend and there are many cosmetics products today ‘infused with natural oils’ and ‘essential oils’ but what exactly are essential oils and how are they used?

Essentials oils are what we would describe as ‘medicines of mother earth’. They are concentrated plant extracts derived from the flowers, bark, fruit, roots or resins of a plant or tree. The oils are concentrated in different parts of the plant e.g geranium is derived from the plants leaves and myrrh comes from the resin of the trees

Essential oils give the aroma of plants and contain dozens of complex chemicals holding the powerful force of the plant that can be used for healing. The healing abilities of essential oils is based on more than 6000 years of knowledge and their healing powers can aid both physical and mental wellbeing. The oils work through inhalation and, as the molecules of essential oils are minute, they pass through the skin and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream and organs.

The art of blending

Each essential oil is classified as a base, mid or top note depending on its potency and how quickly it evaporates into the air. When blending oils, less is more. Your body will take in as much of the oils it requires for healing and excrete the rest. The ideal blend creates synergy so that the combination of oils effectively enhance the qualities of each other. The best way to develop the art of blending, or aromatherapy, is to practice and experiment!

Carrier Oils

Essential oils should be diluted using a carrier oil and not used neat to avoid burns or irritation. Carrier oils increase the synergy of blends and act as a vehicle for essential oils. There are dozens of carrier oils with various benefits all of which feel different on the skin. Sunflower oil is light allowing oils to penetrate the skin very quickly whereas almond oil is thick and glides over the skin sensually. The best products will use cold pressed oils that retain more quality and are nutrient rich compared to refined oils that are highly processed and have less active compounds. We highly recommend Devaiya’s natural health beauty products that are made with cold pressed/unrefined oils with the added bonus of being organic.

How to use essential oils

The beauty of oils is that they are versatile! There are a number of ways that aromatherapy oils can be used.

They can be used as massage oils when combine with a suitable carrier oil and applied directly onto the skin. This can be as part of a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home or in a treatment room. They can also be used in a warm bath which will relax muscles and open pores allowing oils to be absorbed quickly.

All products in Devaiya’s natural health range can be used directly on the skin. Skillfully created, they are also ideal for use in the bath to ease aches & pains, aid relaxation and promote a good nights sleep.

Aromatherapy oils can also be used with hot and cold compresses for congestion or inflammation. A hot cloth soaked with oil can be placed on the skin to open up pores and relax muscles before replacing compress with a cold cloth and repeat. A suitable oil recommended for compressions to the head is Devaiya's Clear Mind

Essential oils can also be used in creams or lotions as an alternative to carrier oils for skincare. Devaiya's Nourish Skin cream for dry skin is the perfect example of this. Made with lemongrass, myrrh and avocado oil it is a luxurious skin treat for dry or dehydrated skin.

There you have it! – All you needed to know about essential oils. If you are new to essential oils and aromatherapy oils take a peak at Devaiya’s Natural and Beauty ranges to start your essential oil journey today.